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As our biggest challenge, we will have to supply sufficient quantities of healthy food to everyone, without
disturbing the climate.
Biotechs are part of the solution. They enable today the longue-due transformation of industrial models, the implemetation of sustainable alternatives, in a more resilient economy, based on renewable living resources.

Can innovation save the planet?

Yes, we believe that it is possible to disconnect industrial growth from environmental destruction.

The Greentech Group creates high-tech active ingredients from natural sources from the plant, marine and microbial worlds. Addressed to large markets - cosmetics, nutrition, agronomy, environment, health and well-being - our innovations represent proven, healthy and sustainable alternatives for the benefit of future generations.

For 30 years, we have been biotech pioneers. 

We have built the Greentech Group in a spirit of shared progress, with the idea of preserving the source.

No future without preserving nature.

We provide concrete solutions, which are operational today
operational today, on major societal and environmental issues :

draw from our resources in an other  way

Biodiversity and climate are to be understood on a global scale:

it is essential to draw from our resources in an other way.

It is necessary to replace the old all-chemical model;

cosmetics was the first industry to transform

and we have already been able to support its transformation.

With researchers in many fields, we cross disciplines;

because everything is linked at the systemic level,

our expertise inspires each other in a cross-fertilization
beneficial. Some reactions observed in cosmetics

are found in medical pathologies; we know how to revive

to soils, by microorganisms, in the same way that we treat

the human body with the microbiota ...

The Greentech Group 

operates worldwide

by creating sustainable supply chains founded on the

principles of protecting biodiversity and

human relationships

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